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December 2019

Aguado recognizes «the sacrifice and effort of Madrid’s SMEs» and trusts their «resistance» to the COVID-19

The Vice President, Minister of Sports, Transparency, and spokesman for the Regional Government, Ignacio Aguado, presented the 'Madrid 2020 SMEs of the Year' Awards in the fourth edition of a series of awards that aim to recognize initiatives and the generation of wealth and employment developed by…

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SamyRoad buys Share Creative and enters in the British market

SamyRoad has acquired Share Creative, a British firm specialized in AI, data, and creativity to enter the United Kingdom and strengthen its position in the United States. SamyRoad acquires Share Creative, a pioneer in IA, Data and Creativity, with headquarters in London and subsidiaries in the USA.…

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SamyRoad startup gets financing of up to 15 million euros through Banco Santander

The startup of SamyRoad 'influencers', through Banco Santander's Smart Fund, has accessed financing of up to 15 million euros to boost its growth in Latin America, with an initial loan of two million euros. The objective of the company with this operation is to accelerate its growth at an…

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