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By understanding the voice and the sentiment of consumers and always combining this learning with a strong strategy and creative process, at Samy Alliance we manage to keep an effective marketing strategy for all of our clients.  This combination has led us to numerous awards and achievements. We are happy to celebrate the success of 3 different campaigns our teams at Samy Alliance intensely worked on. We are proud to say that this year 2022 we were present at the EFFIE Awards, IAB Inspirational Awards, Lisbon International Advertising Awards and Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade where we had the incredible announcement of 40 (as: forty!) winning nominations!  We are proud of the creative, innovative and data-based DNA of our campaigns, and we would like to show off a bit of them

The awards and the cases 

The Transtore:

The Price of Inequality. It is a fantastic campaign where we used social listening and data intelligence tools to translate perceived transphobia on social media into a percentage. We detected that the inequality price that the Trans community has to pay is 262%, equivalent to the difference between them and the rest of the society, to access the same rights. The Transtore occurred during this past pride month in El Mercado de San Antón. It consisted of a fruit and vegetable stand where each product cost the same price as the % the trans community pays for inequality. This fantastic campaign was honoured with one Silver and two Bronzes awards at the Lisbon International Advertising Festival. The initiative was shortlisted in the Best Use of Data category at the IAB Inspirational Awards. 

We congratulate the whole team, Martín Brotons Botella, Maitane Palacios López, Adriana Luzzatto Ana Díaz-Pinés López, Andrea Zaballa Alonso, Lucía Presencio Ortiz and Juan Martin Rosales.

AXE: Before You.

The most attractive brand ever, AXE, wanted to reconnect with younger generations. How? By keeping in mind new codes and telling true authentic relatable stories. The campaign told the story of a famous young Argentinian couple, María Becerra and Rusherking. This love story, already known in Argentina, made the audience relate and feel connected again to the brand. Just like with any other true love story. The campaign won a silver award in the Effective Awareness in Personal Care category and two bronze awards, one in the Creative Effectiveness category and one in the Branded Content category. 

The talent involved in this campaign was; Gisele Gyurgyevic, María Lix Klett, Hernán Cerdeiro, Mariano Duhalde, and Adrian Lurbe.

Guitig new Lemonade

The exceptional team led by Vanessa Teran and Rodolfo Guerrero from Nobox, sister agency of Samy Alliance,  developed the launching campaign for the new Guitig Lemonade. A campaign based on the data preferences of Guitig consumers helped us realize how and when the product lovers enjoyed this unique beverage. The campaign results were beyond what the team expected. The campaign was honoured with one Silver at the Effie Festival in the Marketing Innovation Solutions category, and three shortlists for its client Güitig Ecuador.

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