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On 28th February, one of the most important technology congresses, the Mobile Congress, took place once again in Barcelona. This annual global exhibition showcasing advances in mobile and other advanced technologies took place at the Fira Barcelona and was packed with imagination, inspiration and groundbreaking innovations. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the event was hosted by iconic brands from 200 different countries.c brands from 200 different countries.

For marketers shifting trends in consumers, technologies and business models have dramatically impacted the communications industry. This has redefined the way service providers go to market and deploy their own technologies to manage this change in the industry and shape its future.

The event was hosted by the GSMA, a global organisation that aims to unite the mobile ecosystem to “discover, develop and deliver innovations that lay the foundation for positive change in the business environment”.

This year’s event includes more than 1000 speakers and 37 country pavilions.

With so much inspiration and innovation for marketers and researchers offer at MWC,  here are some highlights of the event concluded last Friday 4th.

MWC Barcelona 2022 main take aways

5G puts mobile marketing in the spotlight and considers what the world of tomorrow will look like with 5G and what business models will drive its growth. By 2025, 5G networks will cover a third of the world’s population and be a cornerstone of innovation as the industry looks to mobile solutions for virtual reality streaming and self-driving car.

Marketers are taking advantage of this in differents ways:

-Mobile commerce (m-commerce) and social commerce

-Mobile wallets and contactless payments for onsite and offsite shopping

-Driving real-time, in-store conversions with m-coupons, geotargeting and geofencing


The telecoms industry continues to change to support consumers. Cloud technology, both on-premise and in the public cloud, can help companies create value and build a new system that will change the industry’s economic model. For marketers a careful strategy is needed to ensure that consumer service providers continue to thrive and remain competitive.

Driving AI forward

Are you a marketer or customer experience professional on the XR Train? This theme is for you. Artificial intelligence will revolutionise every industry and society as we know it – and the global race to adopt AI is already underway. With global investment expected to reach £170 billion by 2025, geopolitical lines are emerging around how AI should be deployed – and where collaboration is needed to develop new industrial innovations such as quantum computing and robotics. As networks become smarter, AI has huge transformative implications for networks and society.

The Internet of Things

Our connected devices and smart technologies offer a new opportunity to reshape and transform physical space. Our homes, offices, cities, factories, and public spaces are changing for the better. We now have tools at our disposal to help us do this.

Tech Horizon

Marketers and customer experience professionals no doubt understand the power of technology in building customer experiences. But the power of tech also extends to goodwill on a global stage, Tech Horizon explores how mobile is changing our future with innovations that go beyond industry to connect people and businesses. We continue to champion change in areas such as climate and diversity, and how services, are being transformed by digitalisation. New tech horizons are inspiring the next generation of marketers for innovations, as we reinvent and reimagine our world after Covid-19.