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At Samy Alliance, we are happy to present our new fellow Data & Research agency, Capture Intelligence. Responsible for developing solutions based on data & research for our clients and designing the correct path for a successful strategy. 

Our new fellow agency specializes in the investigation of the consumer and the understanding of this one, with a team of around 25 international people specializing in Data Science, Research & Insights and Strategy, working globally with offices in Spain, the US, UK and Chile. 

Capture Intelligence: Data Consulting Services

Capture Intelligence offers data consulting services to obtain a broad picture of the client’s market and connects to brand to its audience. How? by understanding what drives the brand’s performance and identifying potential opportunities and problems that the brand may face within the market. 

Social media users receive more than 5,000 impacts from brands. Social Listening is essential to find the best way to get to know your audience as a brand and generate specific and targeted campaigns that stand out from the rest. 

Brands may be unaware of the benefits of Social Intelligence and must understand that their consumers are establishing conversations on social media, which have great potential for information. Capturing and analyzing this data will allow brands to segment the profiles they want to address, understand what most attracts them and define strategies and campaigns that align with the company’s objectives, with a precise scenario for who will develop them.

The Research & Insights Director of Capture Intelligence, Paula Irigaray, states, “All good work must begin with the investigation of data, whether from social platforms, forums or customer databases. This information allows us to properly analyze the context in which we have to develop marketing strategies, defining more accurate business decisions.”

Data-driven solutions

Capture Intelligence will provide an end-to-end solution that future-proofs your route to insights and drives your business forward. Our services encompass data assessments, marketing and business strategies and performance evaluation. The different solutions we will provide your brand are: 

  1. Data Consultancy: Optimising complex data sources to gain a broader picture across your data landscape. 
  2. Marketing Insights: Defining the core actions and plan to create connections with audiences that matter most
  3. Measurement Frameworks: We are developing brand tracking frameworks to understand key performance drivers for your business.
  4. Business Insights: You are combining data and analysis to identify new opportunities and provide a deeper understanding of problems you may be facing.

The technology: Unrivalled Data Science

Our data scientists have developed a toolbox of owned R packages that the Capture Intelligence team can use to deliver solutions for any research problem.  

These are the following R packages our team will use whenever your brand needs to find a solution to the problem: 

  1. ParseR: Works by simplifying the language data into more digestible elements such as Term Frequency, Sentiment, and Object Distinction.
  2. SegmentR: Works by finding hidden groups that share similar characteristics within a dataset.
  3. MeasureR: Works by helping define and track business outcomes by making the important measurable.
  4. ConnectR: Works by using network analytics to visualise interactions between social media authors and better understand how conversations flow.
  5. LimpiaR: Works by taking social listening exports to clean up data to build a more streamlined workflow.

Why Samy?

Samy Alliance is the first global ecosystem of independent agencies

created to offer our customers the best creative solutions based on data. Over the past ten years, Samy has generated brand growth leaders around the world and has become one of the pioneering agencies in the

Advocacy marketing area. With more than 300 employees in 15 offices in Europe, the United States and Latin America, at Samy, we operate in more than 55 markets for more than 100 AAA clients.

At Samy, we want you to see us as a partner that will follow you in your digital strategy. Through market research and intelligence, data and analytics, choosing influencers, social media strategy, digital content, creativity, communication and public relations.

Samy Alliance. We Deliver Growth