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At Samy Alliance we keep working to offer the best ecosystem of digital solutions. We now present, Thyga: our newest paid media agency that’s obsessed with delivering the right message to the right person, using a data driven approach that helps you understand your audience better, by reaching them more efficiently, and effectively.

In today’s world, data science plays a crucial role in identifying and targeting the right audience for businesses. The days of relying on third-party data to reach new audiences are long gone. Instead, brands need to partner with trusted agencies that can provide data-driven solutions to navigate through the changing landscape of advertising.

Thyga understands that the success of a brand’s advertising campaigns depends on identifying and reaching the most relevant audience segments with highest efficiency.

Fabio Queirazza Debon. Marketing & Communications Global Manager

With data intelligence, Thyga helps brands understand their audience, deliver effective messaging, and reach them through optimised media plans. To achieve this, the team focus in three key areas, all of them based on in-house developed tools:

Audience+  to understand, define, and reach truly genuine audiences for its clients, reducing costs and improving overall performance by utilising actual engagement data.

Reach+ allows brands to leverage new and emerging platforms to reach the precise audience and find their place among the next generations, even niche groups that are more difficult to target through traditional channels.

Influencer+ identifies more effective influencers for brands at a fraction of the cost. This program uses Thyga’s AI tools to identify influencers that resonate with the target audience and are aligned with the brand’s values to create an authentic and highly effective paid media campaign.

Through these services, Samy Alliance keeps solidifying the ecosystem of data-based digital solutions, and we are strong believers that Thyga is coming to the market to change the way we understand paid media. It’s no longer about investing in online advertising and expecting good results; with this cutting-edge technology and the ability to connect and work between our agencies, we take any campaign to the next level. 

Our teams are dedicated to finding the voice of the consumer in the sea of information that is the internet, but we have shown that we can achieve this and go even further by devising, designing and executing innovative strategies. Thyga comes to play a key role in this chain, and will allow us to keep our clients moving forward with us.

For more information on Thyga, visit ourwebsite or get in touch at contact@thyga.com