Our mission


Many things have changed since we first began this journey back in 2012.

From 3 to 400+ employees; from a tiny office in Madrid to offices in 15 countries and operations in 40 markets around the world; from zero to hundreds of (happy) clients.

But one thing hasn’t. Our very first motto, when we had pretty much nothing but a catchy name, a powerpoint pitch and a head full of dreams, was Hundreds of roads are at your feet.

And this tagline is more relevant than ever today. The world is changing rapidly: consumers’ behavior and beliefs constantly evolve, and there are countless options at the tip of their fingers.

It is our responsibility, as marketeers, to keep ahead of the times. To keep learning about consumer’s likes, dislikes and concerns through data. To keep telling stories through creativity and deep human connections. To increase competitiveness with technology as an ally. And to keep finding the best channels and speakers to do so.

And that is what this is all about. Our mission is to create an ecosystem of like-minded people and indie agencies that want to keep pushing forward – and make their clients move forward – through innovation and top talent. And to have fun while we are at it.

Pati, Marta & Juan