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On June 14, the FOA Circus 2022 event, presenting the Future of Advertising, took place at the Goya Theatre in Madrid. The event was presented by Marilo Sanchez Fuertes, president of the 360 group campus, by the podcaster Jotaypunto and by our virtual influencer 101A. But, before we continue with the event, you are probably asking, who is 101A? 

101A is the first virtual avatar with the ability to broadcast live created by Dogma Creative, our sister agency. You can already follow 101A on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram

At Sammy, we have detected the opportunity these influencers present to companies since they will allow them to enter the Metaverse; and interact with their customers differently. 

Sergio Mave, Co-founder of Dogma, states that “virtual avatars are the gateway to the metaverse; they maximize the creative content and give advertisers absolute control over the message.”

He adds, “we’ve decided to create 101A as a source of innovation for companies, a new way of communicating with their audiences and being present in the new channels that are emerging and that are going to emerge’.

This type of avatar appeared in Spain in 2012, but until now, there were only avatars that created static content. 101A, our avatar, was developed with the Unreal Engine and can create live content. And today, we have seen it first hand at the event and can now reassure that 101A has her personality and can have a conversation with the real world. 

During the FOA CIRCUS, 101A, a 22-year-old girl born in the Metaverse, who defines herself as a healthy, active, fun, open, dreamer Fortnite and Zelda Bow gamer, presented with her two companions some of the guests, interacted in real-time with them and left evidence of his great personality.

We can’t wait to see what she has for us and what her future in the Metaverse and the natural world will be like.