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At a time when it is easier than ever to get lost and ignore messages that we are not interested in receiving (ad-free content platforms, ad blockers, the double screen that allows us to jump from one content to another when ads appear, the much-loved all skip ad button), the great media and support strategies that ensured that a brand stood out from its competition, are no longer enough.

For years we have seen that even the brands with the most significant advertising budgets in the world are looking for ways to be relevant with their communications and campaigns, trying to find that message that is attractive and worth listening to (regardless of how big their budget is). media): Dove and natural beauty in the era of superficiality and social media, Nike and the fight for freedom and equality at a time when racism is once again in the headlines in half the world, KFC and its mission to make us smiling just when humour and fun are most needed, Diesel and his constant and shameless fight against the Status Quo and the system, a system to which the brand itself belongs and feeds…

Competition multiplies, but so do our tools.

The big brands are the first to understand that the real battle today is to capture our audience’s attention. A struggle in which brands, producers, activists, artists, celebrities, singers, the media, content creators, country governments, book authors, comics, magazines, fanzines, tweeters, TikTokers, Instagramers, models, and painters coincide. Any entity, person or thing capable of capturing and retaining the attention of the audience we are addressing is now part of our competence.

I know; it seems like an overwhelming fight and almost impossible to win. The competition has multiplied by millions, but so have the weapons and strategies that we can use to innovatively deliver our “business as usual” messages. Any support, medium or thing capable of transmitting a message to our audience to generate a response in them must be seriously understood, analyzed and valued, like any other traditional advertising medium or support. 

Only some things work for some brands 

Today everything can be advertising, but not all strategies, messages and formulas fit with all brands, and that is where strategy, data, and creativity can, and should, help to find common ground between brand and audience. , from where we can begin to generate value to stand out, attract, convince and sell.

Sergio Villarrubia Executive Creative Director at Samy Alliance