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Are brands neglecting organic communities?

Along with our sister agency, SHARE Creative, a data-driven creative agency, we launched our latest whitepaper, the first of its kind featuring a proprietary methodology to analyse the true effectiveness of community management (CM), and advise marketers on how to engage authentically with audiences and highlights the relevance of organic communities. Until now, there have

Welcome, Santi Lucero, to the SAMY Alliance family!

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of Santi Lucero as our new Global Creative Director. In a world where creativity is the cornerstone of marketing, we’re delighted to welcome someone with Santi’s experience and passion to our leadership team. Santiago has had an extensive career in creativity, including roles such as Regional Creative Director for

SAMY Alliance enters the Nordic market with the acquisition of Kurio, a social media agency 

SAMY Alliance, an integrated, social-first technology and data-enabled digital marketing company, begins a new chapter on its tenth anniversary with the acquisition of Kurio, a social-first creative agency, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Since being founded in 2013 SAMY Alliance has experienced sustained growth year-on-year, consolidating its position as a leading global player in its sector.

BIG NEWS: New year, new CEO, new agencies join the alliance

We are really proud of closing 2023 with a resounding success: €63 million in turnover, marking an impressive 20% increase compared to the previous year, a figure that corroborates the company’s excellent performance in a year in which the growth of the global economy was 2.4%. Despite the economic situation, we consolidate our position as

TikTok and Universal Music fights on fees

…And what’s people saying about it? In the world of social media, every trend, news or event triggers a tsunami of conversations, opinions and emotions across all platforms; while some may make timely noise, others can generate big changes in audiences. Recently, the music industry witnessed an uproar when TikTok users discovered that a large


As we approach the end of the year, we decided to run for the second time a series of surveys and data research to create a “Marketing Trends” study for 2024, highlighting key insights that will shape the advertising landscape in the coming year. Drawing on the expertise of over 65 marketing leaders from renowned

Mega Sales season: a sales campaign guide

Over 50% of users regret having bought on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. That’s how everything started. That’s how we decided we needed not only to investigate the level of rejection of Mega Sales campaigns, but also to find out how a brand can still participate in these events without a backfire from their efforts.

Ready To Drink: the new drinking for Gen-Zers

The rise of ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages and the shift in consumption habits of Generation Z are redefining the market. Despite consuming 20% less alcohol than other generations, Generation Z is connecting better with this innovative format. So, the question is not “does Gen-Z like to drink?”, but rather “What, how and when do they prefer

Taylor Swift economy: a new pop culture marketing era

We are seeing her on TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, movie theatres, ads, on Gen-Z wrists… Taylor Swift is not only dominating the music scene but also igniting an economic firestorm that reverberates across the globe. Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” isn’t just rewriting the record books; it’s setting a new standard for concerts that’s creating an