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Along with our sister agency, SHARE Creative, a data-driven creative agency, we launched our latest whitepaper, the first of its kind featuring a proprietary methodology to analyse the true effectiveness of community management (CM), and advise marketers on how to engage authentically with audiences and highlights the relevance of organic communities.

Until now, there have been no specific metrics to distinguish an effective community management and advocacy strategy. The proprietary C.A.O.S (Community, Advocacy & Outreach Score) methodology devised by SHARE Creative offers brands unparalleled insight into how best to deliver effective CM for organic communities.

Organic communities, the base of everything

In our study of 45 household sports apparel brands, an analysis revealed that:

  • 50% of brands showed no visible signs of community management.
  • 30% limited CM to basic support (likes and shares).
  • Less than 10% made an attempt to increase conversions, fuelling social platform algorithms.
  • 42% demonstrated no community outreach on social media.

For brands, an effective Community Management social media strategy is key to standing out in saturated markets. To understand the importance of CM effectiveness, beyond very specific KPIs, community managers first need to grasp the holistic benefits of an ideal community and advocacy strategy based on 4 pillars: engagement, loyalty, feedback and awareness. The C.A.O.S methodology provides a tangible framework to analyse brand channels and a guide of best practices to adapt strategy as necessary to enhance organic communities.

“At SHARE Creative, we aim to empower businesses of all sizes to execute effective community management with cutting-edge insights and data. This whitepaper serves as an analytical framework, guiding brands on how to leverage community management effectively for growth. Many brands continue to allocate huge budgets to partnerships with influencers and brand ambassadors – what’s missing alongside this is community-powered content that builds real people into their strategies. The C.A.O.S methodology we’ve developed is the first of its kind that allows brands to understand how to engage with their audiences in the most authentic, organic and cost-effective way.”

Joe Moring, Head of Community and Partnerships at SHARE Creative

The full report is available to download here