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Heineken aims to be in the lives of all Portuguese people. The regular product has a very solid positioning in premium territories and also a clear association with football, thus representing the success of the communication effort in recent years.

In an effort to get closer to a younger target and be present in the life of Gen Z, Heineken in 2022 launches a more subtle and refreshing beer for a new generation of consumers: Heineken Silver.

Heineken Silver is a beer that aims to establish itself as young and refreshing and claim the territory of music.


In 2022, Barbara Bandeira‘s career was expected to grow exponentially aligned with great levels of awareness of her digital networks and was therefore selected by our team to be one of the main ambassadors of the Silver product at a local level

As a result of a great involvement with the brand and a successful product insertion over an entire year of communication, we identified with Barbara the opportunity to have the brand accompany the launch of her single that proved to be the soundtrack of choice among the youngest, achieving out-of-the-ordinarv results.

With a view to continuity in 2023. we proposed not only to renew the partnership with Barbara, but also a strand of innovation in the music territory and, for this, we identified the band of the moment: Wet Bed Gang.

Following the production of the music video for their biggest hit “Estrela Maior”, we activated an advocacy strategy to ensure the brand’s presence throughout the video.

Just 5 davs after its release, the song was number 4 Trending on Youtube taking the brand to the home of all Gen Z’s and increasing Silver’s local relevance in music.

RESULTS far exceed expectations:



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