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To bridge the generational gap between a nostalgic 90s kids’ candy favorite and the Gen Z audience. Fazer Remix needed to transform its image from a beloved relic of the past to a beacon of modernity and environmental responsibility, fluidity and reinvention.


This required not only rebranding efforts but also tangible brand actions to showcase its commitment to the same value-base as the younger demographic. “Remix is the new black” was a liquorice candy launch that turned people’s trash into an haute couture drag extravaganza. We ticked all the Gen Z boxes from gender fluidity to second hand fashion, and from reducing waste to young designers.



5% increase in sales as the market leader in a tough Market

AD Awareness

+ 84%


+ 38% 

(YoY among Gen-Z)

Monthly usage

+ 39% 

(YoY among Gen-Z)

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