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Maybelline Makeup Decoded Campaign: A TikTok Marketing Triumph in Latin America


Maybelline launched its Makeup Decoded campaign to stand out in the competitive makeup market and connect with Centennial and Millennial audiences in Latin America. The campaign aimed to leverage influencer marketing and viral trends on TikTok, targeting these key demographics. Maybelline sought to compete with prominent TikTok trends and hacks to establish a strong presence in the makeup category on this popular social network.


The Makeup Decoded campaign achieved unprecedented success by producing 90 videos and coordinating international talent within a remarkably short timeframe. The goal was to create engaging TikTok content that resonated with the target audience. The most impressive aspect of the campaign was organizing the entire production, talent coordination, and logistics in just three days, allowing for the timely recording of 90 videos.


The results of the Maybelline Makeup Decoded campaign were measured through targeted advertising. Key achievements include:

  • Recording 90 videos tailored to the client’s needs.
  • Editing all 90 videos to meet client specifications.
  • Completing the entire production process in just two weeks.
  • Coordinating nine talents from different countries to ensure diverse and international appeal.

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