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The sandwich-type cookies had lost relevance in Mexico, especially among the Gen Z. Additionally, over 70% of gamers in this generation consume snacks during their extended gaming sessions. However, salty snacks dominated this segment.

In 2021, Emperador launched the Emperador Xtra Power platform along with its Mocha flavor innovation, aiming to gain significance in this territory by addressing the Gen Z’s need for more boost and energy to continue gaming.

In 2022, a new flavor was introduced: peanut butter with chocolate. Our mission was to create a campaign that resonated with the target audience and complemented the 2021 campaign, further positioning Emperador as the ideal sweet snack for optimal gaming performance and lasting enjoyment.


We devised a collaboration with Rivers and El Mariana, globally renowned streamers who embody the spirit of what the brand promotes: ‘pushing boundaries.’

Through a live streaming session featuring challenges, unboxings, and more, we successfully amplified our message, sparked conversations, and demonstrated how our delightful sweet snack serves as a boundary-breaking choice in the gaming world.



Top Mexican brand associated with gaming #1 in Purchase Intent within the category

+59 MM Views

+104% vs plan

+840 MM Impresiones

+186% vs plan

77.23MM in Sales

+10% vs plan

1.5 PP Penetration

+1 vs plan

0.7 SOM

+0.5 vs plan

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