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How to connect a telcom with Generation Z? YORN, the VODAFONE brand that works exclusively for young people between the ages of 14 and 25, is projected to be more than a telecommunications company. It is a platform to empower its users about their dreams and ambitions with the use of the best telecommunications technology in an accessible way

It was the most viewed brand content on YouTube in Portugal in all the weeks it was on air.

The brand’s channel grew 450% more than in its entire history through the course of 5 weeks.

+6 million views and were on the YouTube trend lists every week.

SamyRoad responded to this challenge with a very particular insight that led to a disruptive idea.

These young people consider YouTube to be their equivalent of TV. It is in that platform that they are consuming the most video hours, it is there that their mobiles are using data to consume and make more and more videos. In addition, a recent study by Vodafone identified that for this target, YouTuber was already the third most desired profession.

Best in Branded Content

Eficácia Portugal (Effies)

YornTubers has been an exemplary work model of know-how, experience, creativity, innovation and co-creation

Leonor Dias
Brand Director at Vodafone (Portugal)