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In order to popularize the LG ThinQ app and talk about Smart Home to a large number of people, without putting social responsibility aside, the Campaign #FicaEspertoLGThinQ promoted a challenge between two great mass influencers

LG ThinQ app
LG ThinQ app campaign

Creating this project was a very pleasurable challenge for all of us at SamyRoad.

Leonardo Bezerra (Brand Strategist)

47.4M Reach
50.4M Impressions
1.2M Interactions
8,35% Engagement Reach

Tata Fersoza and Rafa Vitti urged their audience to play with the songs made by Luan Santana and Luiza Sonza and show the smarter side of their home. Each team was reinforced by other influencers to create fun videos.
The winning team guaranteed one hundred thousand reais to a digital inclusion ONG, as well as a television for the most creative user’s Reels.

LG Smart Home campaing