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Given the evolution of the alcoholic beverages segment and with the aim of maintaining its leadership in the market, Central de Cervejas launched itself in a totally new category: hard seltzers. Light, fresh and uncompromising, the launch of Pure Piraña marked a break in the market and challenged young audiences to discover and integrate a fun and differentiating product.

Heineken Pure Piraña
Heineken Pure Piraña campaign

+930k Unique Reach

+1.7M Impressions

+302k Views on stories

33 Posts / 198 Stories

+302k Views on stories

19.8% Av ER

80k Interactions

We brought together high profile celebrities, creative content creators and a micro squad that included skateboarders, artists, athletes and young music stars: the cool club!

We created content on the influencers’ profiles, but we also guaranteed exclusive content to support the construction of the brand’s identity on their own social media

We designed the equation to generate highly visual content, turning the brand into an object of desire

Sofía Matos Ribeiro – Head of Brand Startegy at SamyRoad Portugal

Pure Piraña
Pure Piraña Campaign