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In 2022 the Chilean economy was in full recession and the price of gasoline rose 25% more than any country in the world. Petrobras wanted to stand out as the #1 Gas Station in Chile with the highest discounts to be the ally to continue moving and working by car without Chileans feeling the impact of these increases in their pockets.


The budget we has was very low, so we needed to grow organically. We developed a PR Strategy focused on the national contingency and created alliances with public entities that allowed us to generate appearances in the media organically.

We also selected profiles of influencers who were looking for strategic benefits to increase their positioning and recognition as influencers with the aim of obtaining high-quality content at low cost, by exchange or free.



Media Value coverage with $0 Media Investment


Gas station perception with the greatest discounts

#1 Source of Awareness

Influencers & PR

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