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What’s going on with Snapchat?

A well-managed and user focused strategy We can say, with absolute confidence, that you all have heard or even grew up with Snapchat. It came out in  2011 and became a huge success among teenagers and young adults, allowing this first concept of fast, easy going and fun content that will disappear in 24h or

Samy Alliance is in Financial Times list of Fastest Growing Companies, for the fourth consecutive year

The Financial Times has published their annual list of European companies with the fastest growth, listing made with Statista, and Samy Alliance is among the top 1000 Needless to say we are more than just proud of this achievement! Either way there are some of the highlights we can mention, contrasted to last year: The

Authenticity in Influencer Marketing

It is clear to us that the buying journey has changed. That’s why 92% of consumers trust the opinion of Influencer more than traditional ads. Fans of an influencer want to believe that there is an authentic and genuine connection between the influencer and the product or service they are suggesting to us as a

Aguado recognizes “the sacrifice and effort of Madrid’s SMEs” and trusts their “resistance” to the COVID-19

The Vice President, Minister of Sports, Transparency, and spokesman for the Regional Government, Ignacio Aguado, presented the ‘Madrid 2020 SMEs of the Year’ Awards in the fourth edition of a series of awards that aim to recognize initiatives and the generation of wealth and employment developed by small and medium enterprises in the region. During