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Each one of them stands out in their own area; Rally Dakar, football, music and modeling.

They were asked to remember their childhood and fall memories, later to share them with their followers on a sincere and honest video.


For the H&M 2021 Fall Men collection, we created a local influencer marketing campaign in order to reinforce the global campaign.

We picked four powerful, interesting and diverse men: @jpcrettino, @ivanandres9, @ignaciocasalle, @mikemilfortversionmalo.

4 Audiences

23% Engagement Rate

42% Reach Rate Post

2,5M Reach

+3K Swipe up to the store

Influencer marketing campaign

Bringing together a diverse group of men through fashion, exploring their everyday style to create a bond with the audience was very insightful

Florencia Montoya (Brand Strategist)
H&M campaign
H&M campaign influencer marketing
Local influencer marketing campaign