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Twitch and CROCS

This campaign aimed to create an engaging influencer activation on a streaming platform like Twitch to raise brand awareness around the famous shoe brand Crocs. The campaign aimed to boost the brand amongst the Gen Zs gaming target audience by creating an in-stream Twitch game. Seven influencers from different backgrounds and nationalities played the game to engage with their audience and gave away Crocs.

Milan Knol x CROCS

3.72 M Followers 

0.57% CTR-IG

406 K Stream views Twitch 

We made gamified content and positioned Crocs as a credible and authentic brand in the gaming space. Our main goals were to increase brand awareness, drive credibility, drive traffic to e-commerce, and grow the brand’s presence amongst the gaming community. 

This campaign was a success, as we exceeded expectations for results and increased brand awareness across all starters, Twitch and influencers

Sonsoles P. Kruik
Vice President of Operations Europe at Samy Alliance
Ebonix x Crocs
Serpentgameplay x Crocs