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Share Creative, precision‑engineered brand relevance
Samy buys Share Creative and enters in the British market

Share Creative, precision‑engineered brand relevance (This article is currently unavailable in Portuguese) Samy has acquired Share Creative, a British firm specialized in AI, data, and creativity to enter the United Kingdom and strengthen its position in the United States. Samy acquires Share…

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SamyRoad startup gets financing of up to 15 million euros through Banco Santander

The startup of SamyRoad 'influencers', through Banco Santander's Smart Fund, has accessed financing of up to 15 million euros to boost its growth in Latin America, with an initial loan of two million euros. The objective of the company with this operation is to accelerate its growth at an…

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It is clear to us that the buying journey has changed. That’s why 92% of consumers trust the opinion of Influencer more than traditional ads. Fans of an influencer want to believe that there is an authentic and genuine connection between the influencer and the…

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Samy team
SamyRoad figura na quarta lista anual das empresas europeias de crescimento mais rápido do Financial Times

O Financial Times publicou pelo quarto ano consecutivo a sua lista de empresas europeias com o crescimento mais rápido e a SamyRoad está entre as 100 primeiras. Além disso, a Empresa posiciona-se como a terceira empresa de publicidade espanhola com a maior taxa de crescimento anual entre 2015 e…

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