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World Creative & Innovation Day

Being creative means solving a problem differently, changing your mindset. It means taking risks without a doubt and breaking with the routine by doing something different just for its sake. April 21st is World Creative & Innovation Day, and at Samy Alliance, we want to celebrate it.  We believe in a creative process followed by

TWITCH: The right place to be

One of the most active platforms for Gen-Zers is Twitch, which has recently gained power in the gaming world with more than 140 million monthly active users. This platform tends to be used by gamer influencers who follow active users daily. As many influencers and even esports teams have experimented on the platform over the

In-Game Marketing: Your New Strategy

What is in-game marketing? Any campaign strategy a marketer can develop inside a video game.  In-game marketing allows brands to pay for their names or products featured in digital games. Billboards placed in virtual cities can feature the logos of major corporations, while racing games can feature real cars made by Ford or Chevy.  Video

GEN Zs: The present generation

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Generation Z is that it is the first generation that has grown up with constant access to the Internet. As Deloitte’s report “Welcome to Generation Z” says, this generation is the densest on earth, more than a third of the world’s habitants belong to it. Perhaps, this data is

Marketers’ opportunities at the MWC

On 28th February, one of the most important technology congresses, the Mobile Congress, took place once again in Barcelona. This annual global exhibition showcasing advances in mobile and other advanced technologies took place at the Fira Barcelona and was packed with imagination, inspiration and groundbreaking innovations. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the event was