Aguado recognizes "the sacrifice and effort of Madrid's SMEs" and trusts their "resistance" to the COVID-19

The Vice President, Minister of Sports, Transparency, and spokesman for the Regional Government, Ignacio Aguado, presented the 'Madrid 2020 SMEs of the Year' Awards in the fourth edition of a series of awards that aim to recognize initiatives and the generation of wealth and employment developed by small and medium enterprises in the region.

During the ceremony, SamyRoad was awarded the “Digitalization and Innovation” recognition for its labor as a company specialized in advocacy marketing focused on three areas: influence marketing, content generation, and digital communication to create 360-degree solutions and develop comprehensive campaigns, building stories and improving brand reputation.

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SAMYROAD featured in the fourth annual list of Europe's fastest growing companies by the Financial Times

The Financial Times has published for the fourth consecutive year its list of European companies with the fastest growth and SamyRoad is among the top 100.

In addition, the Company is positioned as the third Spanish advertising company with the highest annual growth rate between 2015 and 2018.

To this day, SamyRoad continues growing, opening more offices across the world.

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SamyRoad buys Share Creative and enters in the British market

SamyRoad has acquired Share Creative, a British firm specialized in AI, data, and creativity to enter the United Kingdom and strengthen its position in the United States.

SamyRoad acquires Share Creative, a pioneer in IA, Data and Creativity, with headquarters in London and subsidiaries in the USA. With this operation, Samy achieves the opening in a new market, UK, and expands its presence in the USA, with the aim of serving large customers and expand its service portfolio, being able to offer both new and current customers a much more complete solution, consolidating its position as a leader in the world of Advocacy Marketing.

This is the first acquisition by the Spanish company, which is part of its growth strategy, following the trail of its international expansion after the recent opening of offices in Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina) and Portugal, in addition to New York.

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