SamyRoad gets financing of up to 15 million euros through Banco Santander

The startup of SamyRoad 'influencers', through Banco Santander's Smart Fund, has accessed financing of up to 15 million euros to boost its growth in Latin America, with an initial loan of two million euros. The objective of the company with this operation is to accelerate its growth at an international level in an organic and inorganic way. Thus, Banco Santander supports this 'startup', which has already closed a financing round of 2.2 million Euros between 2018 and 2019...

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Authenticity in Influencer Marketing

It is clear to us that the buying journey has changed. That’s why 92% of consumers trust the opinion of Influencer more than traditional ads.

Fans of an influencer want to believe that there is an authentic and genuine connection between the influencer and the product or service they are suggesting to us as a follower. As influencer marketing evolves and campaigns become more and more sophisticated in 2019, brand content needs to be displayed behind a strong and consistent brand affinity. In addition, creators who really love or have a strong affinity for their products or services are the ones who produce the most engagement and work best for brands.

There are primarily two ways to approach brand affinity: measuring brand affinity through technology or a semantic approach focused on content and it is convenient to use both prisms. On the other hand, we can also see that this affinity increases with the influencers who take their followers along an almost unedited journey, thus fostering a sense of authenticity and ultimately translating into commitment to the brand.

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+100 profiles, activating more than 11 different campaigns in 20 cuintries


+80 profiles during a 2 month activation, reaching + 35M mexicans

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Benetton Perfumes

Regional strategy for Benetton Perfumes in Brasil, Chile & Argentina, managing +40 profiles

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