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Samy for Change, a year of actions 

Samy for Change was launched with the purpose of giving a voice and taking action on different social causes that affect us, directly or not, in our day by day. By unifying our forces and approaching different perspectives, we cannot only understand each situation better, but also try to provide different and more efficient solutions.

Innovation Samy Awards 2022 

On Wednesday, December 21st 2022, we experienced the first-ever Metaverse event of Samy Alliance, the Innovation Samy Awards.  The whole agency had the opportunity to join the event through their avatar. Each member could illustrate their avatar and enter the Samy Metaverse as if they were entering an actual conference hall.  The objective of the

2023 Sustainability predictions: From greenwashing to green thinking

We had spent years immersed in raising awareness about our consumerism’s impact on the environment, something that increased during the pandemic when we realized that nature improved while we were standing still. People have long seen how their influence over brands and companies increases. We demand and require greater responsibility and commitment to society and

The Youngest Under Pressure

by Samy for Change Samy for Change is a space within Samy Alliance in which we discuss and raise awareness about the social aspects that have the most significant impact on our daily lives. We work to define what we can do about it and how we should approach it as an agency, a marketer,

Deepfy: the new tech in the house

What if you finally had a single platform able to identify your superfans, your super content and a reliable performance benchmark with your direct competitors? We introduce you to Deepfy. At Samy Alliance, we have launched Deepfy, a new technology to analyze in depth the evolution of the profiles of the brands on Instagram in